I was born in Zielona Góra (Poland). I am not a professional photographer (who’s that? :)). My journey into the world of photography began in 2001. I like to photograph landscapes, small streets and nature that surrounds us. Also I like photograph sporting events (help in the promotion of amateur sport in Zielona Gora). I’m taking my inspiration from many artists. I watch a lot of pictures of well-known photographers, who are an inspiration to me too. I like meeting new places, and people. Especially I love Greece, its culture, beautiful landscape. There I met a lot of nice and unusual people. When I take pictures, I try to show something different than usual is shown. Sometimes it’s a little thing, detail, and sometimes color, unusual light. I try to always find something new and unique that stops the viewer for a long time. Digital photography and software (especially Photoshop) give me the opportunity to generate (sometimes) unique realities that are only possible to create with darkroom techniques.

E-mail: marek@landscapes.pl

My Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/marekfotografia